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Stretch Zone | California Locations

Stretch Zone Encinitas

191 N. El Camino Real, #207, Encinitas, CA 92024

Open 9–6 M-F, 9–4 Sat, 9–2 Sun. Other times by appointment.

I am loving this place. Stopped in, talked to Anthony, and got set up on a program, I had no idea it was going to be this good. I am a closet athlete, bicycle/weight lift, and my job as a chiropractor puts huge strains on my body. After my first stretch, I waked out feeling refreshed, more mobile, ready to take on the world. My gait and alignment were better. The best part? I don't have to think. You just show up, they stretch you with very precise protocols,  ( I would know! ) there is no pain or discomfort, and they get EVERYTHING. . . .

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Wow. I knew I was going to love this place as soon as I met the people that worked here. Everyone is so knowledgeable and very helpful. D'jay worked on me and after my hour stretch I felt 10x better than after a massage. This is definitely something I will make apart of my post care recovery for my workouts. TRY IT. You'll love how you feel.  Thanks everyone at Stretch Zone!

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Tried this with the free 30 minute intro. Really liked it. Took about 45 minutes. Focused mostly on hips, hamstrings, glutes. Felt lots better immediately after and the next day. Johnny (spelling) really knew what he was doing. So much better than I could ever do myself even with guided stretching. I've also done a lot of yoga and this is even better in many ways (though yoga has other benefits too). It'd be a great supplement to yoga to accelerate progress. . . .

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