Stretch Zone Clients

At Stretch Zone Encinitas

Our clients are my favorite part of the job at Stretch Zone Encinitas. They are all friendly energetic human beings interested in living their best lives.

For some that means getting back on a bike or lifting more weight, having a great day of golf or being able to hold a grandchild. They want to hike, swim, walk, ski, jog, dance. Some want to run a marathon. Do another Ironman. Get in and out of the car with ease. I hear them talking to the practitioners, telling them their hips feel better, they walked an extra mile, they danced at a family wedding, ran a race.

I love hearing the stories, knowing their goals and watching them succeed. They stop at my desk to make another appointment or to check the status of available sessions. Sometimes it’s just a wave as they grab a mint from the bowl on our coffee table before heading out the door. They all want to be vital and flexible. Stretching helps. I know I’ll see them again soon.

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