Travel & Stretching

Tis the season for crowded airports, packed freeways, and, whether you’re staying local or going far, far away, a lot of time spent traveling to see friends and family. But what effect does all this travel have on our bodies?

Sitting in one place for too long, whether it’s on a plane or in a car or at a desk, creates tightness in the musculature by holding muscles in a singular position. Without constant motion and proper care, the nervous system and muscular system begin to internalize these positions, and the body hesitates to get out of them. After a long ride in the car, muscles might be stiff or even painful because they’ve stayed for too long in a compressed position without proper extension to combat that compression.

Thankfully, taking time to stretch after traveling (or during layovers) can do wonders to reduce the effects of traveling muscular compression. For some ideas on quick stretches to do while you travel, check out our Stretch Zone Instagram or take a look at our About page to learn how what we do here at Stretch Zone can help keep your travel season relaxing!

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